Bend of Isles is an Australian fine jewellery practice inspired by the natural landscape of Australia. Each piece created through an iterative and generative process of collecting, extracting and re-assembling. 

Melbourne-based Laura Casey was inspired to create modern artefacts which tell stories of the natural environment. 

Growing up in a home shrouded by thick towering gums overlooking the Yarra River in Warrandyte the brand was born organically. The collection of modern artefacts embodies a vehement obsession with time and place. The ‘Bend of Isles’ a small part of what makes up the meandering Yarra River. 

Firmly rooted in an understanding and acknowledgement of our ever-changing natural environment Bend of Isles is a brand which re-contextualises native flora transforming collected specimens into wearable artefacts.

The collection a treasure trove of imperfection and subtle familiarity made by hand in Melbourne.