Terms + Conditions

In using the Bend of Isles site and/or online store (the shop), you agree to comply with the following terms and conditions:



This website, www.bendofisles.com is owned and operated by Bend of Isles (ABN 51 413 767 229).

These Terms and Conditions apply to all visitors and users of the Bend of Isles website, www.bendofisles.com (“the Site”) and govern the use of the Site. By accessing or using the Site in any manner, all users and visitors agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Bend of Isles is not liable to any person for any loss in relation to the use of the Site. Bend of Isles reserves the right to seek all remedies available for any breach of these Terms and Conditions.

Bend of Isles is based in Australia. All products displayed on the Site are in Australian Dollars (AUD), unless otherwise stated.


Orders Policy

In case of any circumstance or reason outside of our control, we reserve the right to suspend the execution or fulfilment of an order. In such case, the shop shall immediately notify the customer, who will then have right to cancel the order.

Once an order has been made and payment fulfilled, the customer accepts that they have committed to the purchase. Reversals of an order will not be accepted without contact immediately to Bend of Isles for consideration of circumstance.

Orders will be processed provided that ordered goods are available, where "add to cart" has been selected.

Bend of Isles reserves the right to refuse to sell to third parties if there is unquestionable intent regarding the purpose of the order. Goods sold are intended for personal use only. Any orders believed to be made for the purposes of another entity's research and development will be declined and further action  may be taken regarding copyright infringement.

Bend of Isles shall reserve the right to refuse an order in the event of an error on the shop's website. 


Product Accuracy

All products have been as accurately described and displayed as possible on the site.

Slight variation of colouring may occur when viewing in browsers through different monitors.

Please be aware that every product has been hand-crafted and as a result slight variations in colour and size, style and shape may occur. This is part of the experience and beauty of buying hand-crafted products. 



Pricing Information

Bend of Isles reserves the right to: change the prices of goods, introduce new products to the shop, carry out and cancel promotions at the Store or modify its conditions at any time. 


Terms of Sale

By ordering and paying for an item from the Site, you are making an offer to purchase that item, which offer is subject to the following terms and conditions and availability.

By ordering and paying for an item from the Site, users acknowledge that they are the holder of a valid credit card or debit card issued by a bank acceptable to Bend of Isles. Bend of Isles reserves the right to reject any offer made by a user. In placing an order, the user undertakes that all personal information and details are true and accurate and that the user is authorised to pay for the item(s) subject to the order using the relevant credit card/debit card and that there are sufficient funds in the relevant account to cover the cost of the order. All prices advertised on the Site are subject to change without notice.

If any details provided by the user are incorrect, resulting in a lost or delayed order, Bend of Isles is not liable for any losses incurred by the user. If any incorrect details provided result in an order being returned to Bend of Isles after having been dispatched, the user is liable to pay any further shipping costs incurred.



Bend of Isles understands that your privacy is important and ensures that information provided by you is collected and held in accordance with relevant Australian privacy law. We make all reasonable efforts to ensure that information is stored securely both in electronic and physical form. Any information that we no longer require is destroyed. Personal information including your name, address, telephone number and email address will not be released, sold or rented to any entities or individuals. Bend of Isles does not collect or record any credit card details you may provide when purchasing products from the bendofisles.com website.

As required by law, you may “opt-out” from direct marketing material that Bend of Isles may send.


Intellectual Property

The Site is owned by Bend of Isles, and is subject to copyright. All information and material on the Site is protected by Australian copyright laws. Subject to provisions of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), you must not in any form or by any means:

(a) copy, adapt, reproduce, broadcast, store, transmit, distribute, print, publish or create derivative works from any information or material on the Site;

(b) alter, decompile, disassemble, reverse engineer or modify any material or information that you receive from the Site which can be accessed through the Site; or

(c) use or apply, for commercial purposes any material or information on the Site, without the prior written consent of Bend of Isles.

All brands, names and trademarks displayed on the site are the property of Bend of Isles.

Nothing on the Site gives rise to and cannot be construed as granting any licence or the right to use any trademark appearing on the site without the express written permission of Bend of Isles.



Bend of Isles, at its sole discretion, may without notice amend all or part of the Site, including these Terms and Conditions. Continued access or use of the Site constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions as at the date of access or use by the user and/or visitor to the Site.


Governing Law and Jurisdiction 

These Terms and Conditions are to be interpreted in accordance with the relevant laws of Australia, and in the event that any dispute or claim should arise in relation to the Site, that dispute shall be heard exclusively before Australian courts.