All Bend of Isles pieces are made from high quality metals & precious gems sourced locally in Melbourne. 


Sterling Silver

925 Sterling Silver is a durable precious metal that can be worn time and time again. Sterling Silver is hypo-allergenic and with correct cleaning can be brought back to 'as new'.


Gold Vermeil

23ct Gold Vermeil is plated over solid sterling silver with a minimum thickness of 3 microns. This means it is six times thicker than most flash plating used by many jewellers at just 0.5 microns. With correct care your vermeil pieces should last up to 2 years or more without needing to be re-plated.


Solid Gold 

We offer select jewellery pieces in 100% recycled 9ct solid yellow gold. If you are looking to wear your piece every day we recommend investing in a solid gold piece that will last a lifetime. Our solid gold chains are sourced from a local Australian manufacturer who makes all of their chains in Melbourne.

Upon request we can customise pieces and make them in 14ct or 18ct. 



Freshwater Pearls

We offer a range of pieces that incorporate freshwater pearls. These pearls are sourced from a local Melbourne supplier who sources only high grade freshwater pearls that have a beautiful lustre and little to no imperfections to the surface of the pearl. 


White South Sea Pearls 

We source Australian South Sea Pearls directly from Cygnet Bay in Broome for bespoke jewellery pieces. These pearls come from Australian Oceans and each pearl takes an average of four years to grow, making them approximately 1000 times rarer than diamonds. Pearls are one of the few precious gems that contain regenerative and restorative qualities for our oceanic environment. South Sea pearls are farmed sustainably and are some of the finest pearls grown anywhere in the world.