The work I create at Bend of Isles would not be possible without the beauty of the Australian Landscape. Our approach to sustainability is all encompassing considering the social, environmental and economic impact of our craft.



Our packaging is 100% made in Melbourne using consciously sourced materials that can be recycled at the end of their life.

Jewellery Boxes

Our jewellery boxes are letterpress printed in Brunswick East, VIC by The Hungry Workshop. Our jewellery boxes use no glues and are made from only folded paper. Our jewellery boxes are made from Colorplan paper stock which is an environmentally responsible paper manufactured under strict environmental management systems using Elemental Chlorine Free pulp, which is FSC Mixed Sources.

Fabric Pouch

The fabric pouch within each jewellery box is made from fabric milled in Australia with a composition of 50% Linen 50% Cotton. Each pouch is sewn by hand in South Yarra, VIC with the Bend of Isles logo printed using non-toxic, solvent free, water based pigment inks. 

Mailer Boxes

Our mailer boxes are manufactured in Dandenong, Vic using 100% Recycled Cardboard. Our mailer boxes use no glues and can be dis-assembled with ease for recycling. 

Water Activated Packing Tape

Water activated paper tape is made from just paper, and a vegetable based adhesive, it can be easily recycled in household recycling bins that take cardboard. No need to separate the tape from the cardboard box.



Where possible we use recycled precious metals. There are some findings (clasps etc.) we source that we are unable to verify whether the metal is of recycled sources. Please read more about are materials here

There is little to no waste in our jewellery making process, all offcuts & lemel are saved and taken for recycling. Our jewellery is made in very small runs reducing waste or production of unnecessary product. Our hope is that when you buy a piece of Bend of Isles jewellery you will cherish it forever, we strive to create special pieces of craft that resonate with like minded individuals who have an affinity for the Australian Environment. 

We use local Melbourne suppliers to support local businesses and ensure that all individuals involved in our supply chain are treated ethically.